Preparing for admission

Completing your forms

If you are paying personally or expect that your surgery/procedure will be covered by medical insurance, please:

  • Phone Royston to obtain a cost estimate.
  • If you have medical insurance you should also phone your insurer to obtain prior approval.

The cost estimate and prior approval number (if applicable) can then be entered on Admission: Form 2.

Your completed admission forms should be returned to Royston no later than 10 working days prior to your admission.

Anaesthetic Clinic

If you are asked to attend an anaesthetic clinic prior to admission, please take completed 'Consent: Form 1' and 'Health Questionnaire: Form 3' with you. You should return 'Admission: Form 2' to Royston Hospital.

The forms can be delivered, posted, faxed or emailed to us.

Royston Hospital, 500 Southland Road, Hastings 4122
A reply-paid envelope is provided with your forms
06 873 1189

For further information about our forms please refer to forms and brochures.

Laboratory screening

Pre-admission laboratory screening will need to be carried out if you are booked as an inpatient at Royston and you:

  • are a resident in a rest-home or long term care facility (excluding an independent unit)
  • are employed or have been admitted to a hospital in New Zealand or overseas in the last 6 months
  • have a previous history of MRSA or ESBL colonization, or
  • have an indwelling (urinary) catheter in situ for more than 2 weeks.

If your surgeon has not already discussed this with you, please phone your surgeons rooms or Royston Hospital nursing staff at the earliest opportunity. Results will take between 3 and 4 days.

Note: If your admission is for Day Surgery you will not require screening.

Your anaesthetist / anaesthetic clinic

If your surgery requires the services of an anaesthetist, you may be asked to attend a pre-admission anaesthetic clinic.

If that is the case, please take completed Consent: Form 1 and Health Questionnaire: Form 3 with you.

Alternatively your anaesthetist may choose to phone you and discuss your medical history without the need for you to attend a clinic.

If you do not receive any prior contact from your anaesthetist, you will be assessed upon admission.