Other things you need to know

Spiritual, cultural and interpreter services

Please let us know if you have any spiritual or cultural needs e.g. religious, dietary, personal beliefs, language support etc.

You are welcome to have your body parts/tissue returned to you. Staff are happy to discuss this with you and provide advice on collection procedures.

If the services of an interpreter are required, please let us know well in advance of your admission to ensure that this is arranged. There is a cost for this service.

Trainee nurses

Throughout the year Royston Hospital is visited by student nurses.

An essential part of their training is contact with patients, which occurs only under the direct supervision of our senior nursing staff. Such contact requires the support and consent of the patients involved and this is very much appreciated by students and senior staff. Your consent for students to be present will always be sought prior to any consultation or treatment.

Your rights and responsibilities

Patients’ rights are covered by the Health and Disability Commissioner’s “Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights”, a copy of which is available on request.

A summary of your rights and responsibilities as a patient is set out below.

Your rights

  • Respect
    You should be treated with respect. This includes respect for your culture, values and beliefs, as well as your right to personal privacy.
  • Fair Treatment
    No one should discriminate against you, pressure you into something you do not want or take advantage of you in any way.
  • Dignity and Independence
    Services should support you to live a dignified, independent life.
  • Proper Standards
    You have the right to be treated with care and skill, and to receive services that reflect your needs. All those involved in your care should work together for you.
  • Communication
    You have the right to be listened to, understood and receive information in whatever way you need. When it is necessary and practicable, an interpreter should be available.
  • Information
    You have the right to have your condition explained and to be told what your choices are. This includes, but is not limited to, the likely benefits and side effects of your surgery, how long you may have to wait and an estimate of costs. You can ask any questions to help you to be fully informed.
  • It’s Your Decision
    It is up to you to decide. You can say no or change your mind at any time.
  • Support
    You have the right to have someone with you to give you support in most circumstances.
  • Teaching and Research
    All these rights also apply when taking part in teaching and research.
  • Complaints
    It is OK to complain - your complaints help to improve services. It must be easy for you to make a complaint, and it should not have an adverse effect on the way you are treated.

As a consumer of Royston Hospital services we ask that you

  • Acquaint yourself with, and abide by, the rules and regulations of the hospital.
  • Provide all relevant information to the appropriate health professional about health, current medications, previous illnesses, treatments and family history of illness.
  • Ask for clarification or further explanation of anything you do not understand.
  • Co-operate with the health professionals who are giving the care and treatment, and inform them of any changes in health status.
  • Respect the privacy of other patients and to keep in confidence any information gained about them.
  • Respect other patients’ observations of religious, cultural and ethnic practices.
  • Show consideration to other patients with regard to noise levels and conduct of visitors.
  • Inform the hospital management of any complaint and/or recommendation.
  • Make prompt payment of all charges incurred.
  • Comply with Royston Hospital’s Smoke-free Site policy.

Accessing your health records

Your medical records will be kept secure and will be accessed only by authorised personnel.

As a patient, you have right of access to your medical records for as long as we store them. Requests for access can be made through our Privacy Officer who will be happy to provide you with the necessary form to complete.


We request that whilst you are a patient or visitor in Royston Hospital, you refrain from taking visual images (photos, videos or Skype) of anyone other than yourself and/or with their permission, images of friends and family members.

Taking visual images of staff and other patients is prohibited.