Open for better care

Published: 01 May 2014

Royston Hospital has reinforced one of its core values of always being vigilant in caring for our patients and we have pledged support for the Open for better care national patient safety campaign.

Co-ordinated nationally by the Health Quality & Safety Commission, Open for better care focuses on reducing harm in four important areas: falls, surgical site infections, medication and surgery.

The campaign was launched by the Associate Minister of Health, Hon Jo Goodhew, in May 2013. It aims to ensure healthcare workers do the right thing, and do it right first time.

All the country’s 20 district health boards have endorsed Open for better care, and our participation will enable us to benchmark our patient safety initiatives against the public sector. The New Zealand Private Surgical Hospitals Association, to which we belong, is also supporting the campaign.


Royston is already working with staff to reduce harm from falls; we received a finalist award for our quality improvement initiatives on fall prevention from the New Zealand Private Surgical Hospitals Association in 2010.

The national patient safety campaign provides our staff with a central place to go to for national evidence-based best practice guidelines, and access to relevant resources.

Our membership of Open for better care should provide patients and their families with an assurance that we are focused on ensuring safety and quality in healthcare by preventing harm, avoiding waste and promoting good practice.